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10 April 2012 @ 09:12 pm

#Don’t Don – Super Junior
#219 words

DongHae looked around the place and walked in, moving among the hungry student as if he owned them all. HeeChul next to him flashed a smile.

“There he is” his hyung said with that deep voice of him so unlike his girly physique, pointing to the oblivious red-haired sitting among the ones he owned. “Tsk, he changed his hair color, the big pussy”

Well, after what DongHae’s ‘gang’ had done to him, both knew EunHyuk hadn’t had much choice.

“Yah! Ugly girl! Why not keep the pretty pink we gave you last week? Suited you more!” DongHae shouted at him, smirking with superiority.

EunHyuk didn’t answer, just stole a quick glance from the brunette eyeing him lustfully.

Later, he thought, licking his lips.

Later he would get his revenge, later he would have the brunette moan and scream his name while begging for more, desperate for release.

He bit his bottom lip at the tempting thought of torturing DongHae in such a sinful and delicious manner.

“EunHyuk! Aren’t you gonna say something?” SungMin whined, pouting.

“Nah, let the idiots be” he said, meeting DongHae’s eyes, warning him about what he had in store for both of them that night.

Because guess what? It was more fun when nobody could know.

It was the most fun when it was forbidden.