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10 April 2012 @ 09:26 pm

# HoRella
# Cooking? Cooking! – Super Junior H
# PG-15
# 191 words

Living with HeeChul has his advantages, like a fairly clean place, luxurious furniture, satellite TV twenty-four seven and, of course, sex on a regular basis. There is, however, a feature that YunHo can’t look past as much as he wished: HeeChul’s newly acquired resolution of learning how to cook. It isn’t just the resolution itself but the undeniable fact that HeeChul clearly sucks at it… and doesn’t want to give up for nothing in the world (nothing, YunHo tried), even after burning the kitchen three times already. And God forbid him if he EVER points it out to his boyfriend, because Hell will rise if he is ever to do so.

So, why would poor Jung YunHo put up with all of this, someone may ask?

“Welcome home, I made dinner” HeeChul says as soon as he opens the door, pointing to the questionable-looking food served on their dinner table, wearing nothing but a –very sexy and oh-so-inappropriate—lingerie. “Are you hungry?” he asks, licking his seductive lips and pushing one of his red locks behind his ears.

YunHo nods and decides that yes, he will always be hungry for HeeChul.