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10 April 2012 @ 09:44 pm

#Heartbreaker – G-Dragon
#160 words

He had always known Kim HeeChul was no good, that he meant trouble.

He had always known that at some point of their relationship, HeeChul would get bored and just leave him behind as part of his ancient history. Yet even then, Han Geng couldn’t bring himself to reject the constant flirt of the other until he was deeply in love with him.

So, when it actually happened, Han Geng realized he wasn’t ready to let HeeChul go.

“You are not doing this to me” he warned, grasping his arms tightly and holding him against the wall, his death-serious expression amusing HeeChul.

“Then make me regret it” he whispered hotly against his mouth, reaching up to pull his lips into a searing kiss, making Han Geng realize that, as much as he threatened, HeeChul wouldn’t go anywhere.

HeeChul could be a heartbreaker, but he undoubtedly couldn’t break Han Geng’s.

Because HeeChul owned his heart as fully as Han Geng owned his.